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Emodin - Herbal ExtractsEmodin

Abbr. Name: Emodin 98%

Molecular formula:C15H10O5Molecular Weight:270.23Test Method:HPLCEINECS NO:208-258-8Appearance:orange needle crystalBiological Activity:(A)Anti-tumor Activity:Emodin caninhibitsarcoma-180, liver cance...

Fo Ti Extract - Herbal ExtractsFo Ti Extract

Abbr. Name: Fo Ti Plant Extract

Features:Polygonum multiflorum extract components of the main functions of lecithin, emodin, rhein and other components. Polygonum multiflorum has been reported that the extract may enhance the immune...

Spinach Extract - Herbal ExtractsSpinach Extract

Abbr. Name: Spinach Plant Extract

Spinach Seedling PowderSpinach natural powderSpinach Extract powderratio extract: 4:1~10:1.

Nepeta Cataria Extract - Herbal ExtractsNepeta Cataria Extract

Abbr. Name: Nepeta Cataria Plant Extract

Nepeta Cataria Extract10:1100% Natural, no any ingredients addedRaw material Fingerprint Identification

Ganoderma Lucidum Shell-Broken Spore Powder - Herbal ExtractsGanoderma Lucidum Shell-Broken Spore Powder

Abbr. Name: Ganoderma Lucidum Plant Extract

Reishi shell-broken spore powder can improve the efficacy and reduce side effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, increase the tolerance of cancer patient radiotherapy and chemotherapy.plant extra...

Pinus Densiflora Extract - Herbal ExtractsPinus Densiflora Extract

Abbr. Name: Pinus Densiflora Plant Extract

Pinus Densiflora Extract 5:1100% Natural, no any ingredients addedRaw material Fingerprint Identification

Semen Myristicae Extract - Herbal ExtractsSemen Myristicae Extract

Abbr. Name: Semen Myristicae Plant Extract

Source:plants nutmeg nutmeg to the dry kernel.Quality standards:Ratio: 10:1The use of plant parts: flowersColor: brownAppearance: powderMesh: 80 meshSmell: special smellaromaticLoss on Drying: <= 5%As...

Vinpocetine Periwinkle Extract - Herbal ExtractsVinpocetine Periwinkle Extract

Abbr. Name: Vinpocetine Periwinkle Plant Extract

Vinpocetine-Periwinkle plant Extract Vinca Minor L10~99%VinpocetineBasic Information of Vinpocetine:Molecular Formula: C22H26N2O2Molecular Weight: 350.5CAS No.: 42971-09-5Synonyms: Ethyl-apovincaminat...

Sarsaparilla Extract - Herbal ExtractsSarsaparilla Extract

Abbr. Name: Sarsaparilla Plant Extract

Sarsaparilla Extract , used part: root, extract ratio: 4:1-20:1100% Natural, no any ingredients addedRaw material Fingerprint Identification

Licorice Extract - Herbal ExtractsLicorice Extract

Abbr. Name: Licorice Plant Extract

Root extract, special smellColor: light brown or brown powderSpecification:Ligustilide 1% ,0.1%~0.3% Ferulic acidIntroduction:This product is legume licorice Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch., Glycyrrhiza ...

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Water Soluble Curcumin E=60 - 08/21/2009

Dehydrated Tamarind Extract - 08/06/2009

Chitosan Acid Soluble - 08/19//2009

Water Soluble Chitosan - 08/19/2009

Rutin 95% - 08/28/2009

Rutin 98% - 08/28/2009

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